Ridiculous Shipping Scenarios
Okay, I can't quite explain 3 of the same Pokemon in one game, but I've always thought moving one to the next (by generation of course) is just migrating them to another region, even if they hate it.
Moving them to basically serve under another 10 year old trainer half a world away? (Well that could be explained by inheritance but I don't think that would be the case.)
String Theory and Probably being a good explanation.
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Yoru and being less original then usual Laugh
(Though I'm guilty of that to when I'm out of ideas)
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This game and getting really quiet. (Which is probably cause everybody's running out of ideas, lol)
Well it's mostly cause everyone is busy these days. No one really to respond to.
Me and basically being the only one still here somewhat semi-daily.
Forever alone surveying the deserted forum ho!
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I'm here most of the time, just waiting around in the shadows not saying anything. Like a neenja. 0_0

Me and being a secret neenja master
I also occasionally shadow the place while offline. though since no one is saying anything it seems a little silly.
The site and being super quiet
I wonder if there's a way to advertise ourselves without having to pay Google for it. Gotta be some people out there interested, just need to reach em.
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